Friday, August 14, 2015


This week, I was presented with the rare opportunity to tell the Ukranian kids our adoption plans. Due to another transition, it was agreed that these kids need some hope and it would be okay to disclose our plans. This is huge you guys, that never happens! Anyway, I wasn't sure if I should call--would it upset them, were they in a good place to hear it, they don't really know me, would I mess it up, etc. So, I prayed about it. For me, praying while listening to praise music is the best way, especially when my mind is scattered. I turned on a Pandora station and felt as if the next three songs were speaking directly to me. It was crazy! The first song had these lines "... speak and say the words no one else will ever say .... I am gonna show you love in every language .... I'm gonna give you what you've never had before." Second song, "She got the call today, out of the gray .... I'm gonna get there soon, she's gonna be there, too. Crying in her room praying Lord come through, we're gonna get there soon." By the time the third song started out with, "Tonight's the night, two worlds collide ...." I figured making the call to the kids would be a good plan.

It was amazing--right up there with holding each of our girls for the first time. I asked K (the oldest and only one fluent in English) if she remembered us from our visit. She said, "I remember." I asked if she remembered when I told her that in our family we say that you have to say goodbye in order to say hello again. She said, "I remember." I said, "well, we plan to say hello again as soon as December when we come to Ukraine to adopt you into our family." She whispered, "all three of us?" I said, "yes!" We both were holding back the tears. I told her that I had been practicing so that I could tell her I love you in Russian like she taught me (and then said it). She said, "you got it right!" Before we got off the phone, she taught me the Russian word for daughter. After I tried out "dochka" she said, "so good, I am so happy!" It was so, so awesome.

Continue praying, those prayers are being answered, Mike and I are so encouraged! They return to Ukraine tomorrow and will need God's intervention and protection. We know that bad things are happening over there. We pray that the time left before we can adopt is minimal. It is so weird, this time when your heart knows these precious kids are yours, yet the world has not acknowledged it yet. So odd to enjoy time as a family of five now while at the same time feeling a part of our family is missing. 

As an update on the process, we just finished our part of the home study. After approval by our agency, it usually takes three months to be approved by the state, then federal, then Ukraine. After that, we get a travel date (usually about two weeks from the date notified). So, we are still anticipating early December.