Monday, July 18, 2011

Janesville Farmers Market

So, this last weekend, while Mike was working, the girls and I met Nonna Dede (Mike's mom) at the Janesville farmers market. I thought the girls would enjoy a market, but was not ready to work the crowds with the three girls at the Capital square market in Madison. Janesville's one block market was perfect for us! I gave each of the girls $1 to spend at the market. So fun to see how each of their little personalities handled this. Bella quickly asked me to hold hers for her so she didn't lose it, while Alli and Ana insisted on holding theirs. Alli then dropped hers in the wind as we crossed a bridge--fortunately the railing caught it just long enough to grab it. I then convinced them both it was a good idea for me to hold onto it, but they could have it when they found something they really wanted. Alli asked me at least 4 times over the next hour to show her I still had her dollar. When I asked if they wanted a treat, they all said no--until I told them I would buy it with my own dollars, then, they were all hungry :). Ana found some cut purple coneflowers that she really wanted as soon as we entered the market. I talked her into buying them on the way out if she still wanted them. We found a lady who makes ceramic pendants and she had a basket of $1 pendants. Alli had to take each one out of the basket and look before she decided that she liked her dollar more (which she again needed to check in and make sure i still had). Bella decided before we even finished looking at everything that she would rather save her dollar and put it toward something bigger later. Alli wanted to go to a toy store or garage sale and spend her dollar after we left. Ana ended up keeping her eye on the prize of cut flowers. So, she gave the lady her dollar and asked politely for a bunch of cone flowers. The lady was so sweet--she asked her if she had enough or would like a few more. Ana thought maybe a few more. So, she put a few more stems in the bag, and asked if she was good or wanted a few more. Ana said, no, I am good, thank you. Then the lady said, "no, I think you need a few more." She also threw in some black eyed susans. Ana told me that she would share those with me at home since they are my favs. Ana asked if she could carry her huge bag of flowers (they were at least 2 feet long stems and there was a grocery bag full of them. I told her if she needed help to let me know. After a block or two of carrying them herself (I so wish I had a picture of this as she could hardly see around them to follow us), I reminded her to tell me if she needed some help. She then said, yeah, thanks mom, these flowers are kind of attacking me and the leaves are in my nose!
What a fun morning we had, watching a child juggle and giving him change, watching the group singing and dancing, checking out the wares and looking for dollar worthy treasures.

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