Friday, September 23, 2011

And I can ride my tricycle!

Last night, I was talking to the girls about how fun it would be to ride our bikes as a family to Culver's and get ice cream next summer. Let me first be clear about what that meant inside MY head--Bella would be competent enough on her big girl bike without training wheels the 2.5 miles, and the twins would each ride behind a grown-up bike on the tandem attachments. When I mentioned my idea, they all got excited, Bella responded, "Next summer, I KNOW I will be good enough on my own bike to do that." Alli, piped in with, "and I can ride my tricycle!"
She is my child who is so happy in her comfort zone. In order for her to reach each new milestone in life, we have had to rip her from her happy place and force her to face her terror and try the next step. This summer, it was taking away the water wings and facing her fear of water. Next summer, we WILL sell her tricycle. It will be traumatic, but she cannot go to college riding a tricycle! This year, it is moving from preschool with her best friend, twin and confidence, Milana, to kindergarten alone. It is, as usual, gutwrenching to watch and be a part of. But, the joy that bursts from that child's heart when she stops panicking and soars is unbelievable to witness! Next year, I will probably have a good laugh about her transition to kindergarten. This year, I just may cry before it is over!
As is common when I am mulling over the challenges of parenting, I thought about what God must experience with all of us. We agree to follow Him, tell him we trust Him, and yet, we have such a hard time leaving our comfort zone. Sometimes it is a nudge we need, sometimes a shove, and sometimes a hug. But when we finally face our fears and follow his urging, I bet He loves to watch us soar!

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mike said...

wow. that was so good. so proud of you!